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Watercolor Plants


 Healing in Nature

Journey of Life Counseling & Wellness LLC, combines a walk and talk style of therapy with mindfulness in a natural setting.  Why Walk & Talk Therapy? Here are some of the benefits! Walk & Talk therapy reduces feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, and anger, as well as relief from unwanted, intrusive, and ruminating thoughts. But that's not all! Walk & Talk Therapy also helps clients with the ability to cope with tough life transitions or feelings of being stuck as well as works to improve emotional regulation, which is the ability to regulate your mood and/or emotions. Walk & Talk therapy is even helpful in the treatment of self-esteem issues and times of bereavement. This unique, personalized approach to therapy is designed with you and for you to help meet your needs and achieve your goals.

Walk & Talk Therapy is quite literally like a breath of fresh air and can be a great addition to use in combination with traditional office or online settings for your counseling sessions. No matter whether you feel tormented by feelings of anxiety, depression, addiction, or PTSD, Walk & Talk Therapy is made to support you every step of the way. Contact Journey of Life Counseling today!

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