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 EMDR Intensives

At Journey of Life Counseling & Wellness LLC, you can find peace in healing. EMDR intensives are designed for those who are wanting to take a deeper dive into EMDR therapy. This can be done by scheduling a 3-to-4-hour session for EMDR therapy. After an initial consultation, a plan addressing treatment goals will be created and tailored to fit your unique needs.


During EMDR intensives you can expect to engage in multiple EMDR sessions to maximize results and experience faster healing as opposed to the longer treatment times of engaging in weekly sessions. Through this accelerated treatment process clients experience faster symptom reduction eliminating the suffering experienced by living with trauma symptoms. Created for the busy individual, EMDR intensives is best for those who are looking for faster resolution as way to maximize the amount of healing and reduce time in treatment. With a larger upfront cost, the shorter duration of treatment can work to help save money and time overall. Please call today to discuss if EMDR intensives is right for you. 

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